Shoots are making your search easier

This is a photo showcase page, as it used to look on Lightstock:


Kind of plain, right? We agree.

After launching Lightstock in late 2012, we knew we would need to readdress this page at some point, providing user features that would make the experience of finding the ‘right’ photo dead simple.

We’re moving in the right direction with the addition of – Shoots.

Shoots are pretty much exactly what they sound like – all the photos and/or video taken from a single photo shoot grouped together so you can see them all at once. Now when a Partner uploads a completed photo shoot, say 35 photos, our team assembles them into a shoot, which automatically spits them out for you on the Showcase page. You’ll have an easy way to see every photo/video from a shoot quickly. Here’s an example below:


Much better looking page. And more helpful we think. Find an image you like? See if it’s in a Shoot. If so, you may have a bunch of different options to look at including orientation, color, model choice, and so on.

We hope this helps! We want you to find the ‘right’ photo for your next project quicker and with greater ease. Okay, getting back to work now, want to keep making Lightstock a better place for you. Follow us on twitter @lightstock if you want to get the latest updates on new features updates.