Lifestyle Stock Photography

Although we often glamorize photographers who orchestrate complicated photographs with sets, wardrobes, props, and models, lifestyle photography is important too. Never underestimate the art of the everyday! Realistic, relevant, and applicable to our everyday lives, lifestyle photographs capture real-life events and situations, celebrating the ordinary and run-of-the-mill. The key to finding great lifestyle stock photography is to look for natural photos without even a hint of “stockiness”—that’s where we come in.

Here at Lightstock, we’ve been told that we “take the stock out of stock photos.” So if you’ve been hunting the Interwebs for some beautiful, on-point lifestyle stock photography, just scroll down. We’ve gathered some favorites from our lifestyle photo collection for your perusing pleasure.

Lifestyle Stock Photography


Who could resist this baby’s bright blue eyes? The unique angle gives the photo an air of ingenuity, and the focus on the boy’s face helps the photographer direct your attention to his eyes.

lifestyle stock photography

The best lifestyle photos look like real life but better. In this photo, because the photographer is just behind the unfocused girl’s hair, you can imagine yourself in her shoes, and suddenly the girl in focus seems like a friend. Plus, the blurry bits give the photo some artistic abstraction while also reflecting the action and excitement of the moment.


If you’re like most people these days, you spend a large portion of your time behind a computer screen like the one above. The photo’s starkness combined with the aerial angle make for a very graphic, high-contrast image.


What a gorgeous sunset! The muted tones of the mountains and the dark silhouettes of the couple help the tiny, bright sun steal the scene.


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Portraits are incredibly common and stock portraits tend to be awkward and bland, so this photo is a real stand-out. The girl’s lovely smile is completely genuine, her pose is relaxed, and the city scene behind her fades into an unfocused but beautiful blur.


Image Source

When you crop out your models’ faces, the viewer is forced to pay more attention to body language. The books the pair is holding, the hand on his chin, and her avid writing make me think these models must be students or writers.


Image Source

Focus is incredibly important for a photographer, as you’ve seen in the images above. In this photo, a tree is unexpectedly the focus of the photo and the couple are left blurry as they walk into the background. This technique shifts the focus away from the couple and toward the beauty and the vastness of nature.

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