The Search for Faith-Based Stock Photos

The Internet is incredibly, inconcievably vast. When you’re searching for a hard-to-find article, that vastness is a gift. When you’re searching for the perfect stock photo, however, that vastness can be frustrating. You know the photo is out there somewhere, but it seems to be hidden within a sea of cheesy, stale, and just plain ugly images. The key to finding your way through the vast World Wide Web is to identify the perfect niche and search within it. For creative Christians searching for faith-based stock photos, that niche is Lightstock, the only stock photo site for the Christ-centered community. Scroll down to find out more about Lightstock, our photos, and our values.

Faith-Based Stock Photos

Cheesy-Free, Faith-Based Stock Photos

What is Lightstock?

Lightstock is an online resource that provides royalty-free, faith-based stock photos and videos.

Why should I choose Lightstock for my stock photos? 

If you’ve ever hunted through a stock photo website in search of beautiful, faith-focused photos, you know how frustrating and tedious it can be. Our goal is to turn that boring chore into an inspiring, encouraging experience. Lightstock is the only stock photo site that focuses primarily on Christ-centered, royalty-free photos and videos. So if you’re looking for images for a creative Christian project, Lightstock can act as your library. The photos are appropriate, unique, well-organized, and easy to download. All you have to do is create an account (it’s free!), buy credits (each credit costs $1), and begin downloading your new treasures.

What makes Lightstock so great?

  • CONTENT. Our photos and videos are fresh, cheesy-free, and beautiful because each photo is approved individually. Plus, 99% of our content is unique to Lightstock and can’t be found on other stock sites.
  • CONVENIENCE. Our targeted library is perfect for anyone in need of faith-based photos, whether you’re working on a creative project for your church, ministry, business, organization, non-profit, or even a personal blog. If you need beautiful photos quickly but you’re not a professional photographer, stock photos are the ideal solution.
  • COLLECTIONS. Lightstock curates collections of faith-based stock photos. Do you need two dozen gorgeous photos of the cross? We’ve got that. Want a shot of a baptism or a home group or a coffee shop bible study? We have that too! Plus, all of these photos are easy to find and purchase. Lightstock is a haven for anyone searching for faith-based stock photos.
  • AFFORDABILITY. You can create an account for free. Plus, each week we offer a free image and free video. That’s rightthey’re on the house! Our gift to you.
  • ORGANIZATION. Any neat freaks out there? You’ll love Lightstock’s boards, which let you organize your favorite photos and videos for quick reference. Plus, you can share your photo boards with friends and colleagues.
  • VALUES. We make it easy for our contributors to donate their royalties to charity, and we donate a dozen gospel tracts every time someone downloads a photo or video clip. We are also committed to preventing the spread of “Poverty Porn” photography. Learn more here.
  • RESOURCES. You can find out which photos on the site are trending at any given moment. This is a great resource if you’re struggling find that perfect photo. You can also view the most popular photos, our new releases, and some new and noteworthy picks.

– – – – –

The Christian market is full of cheesy, overused imagery. If you’re looking for photos and videos that are fresh, faith-based, and gorgeous, do yourself a favor and check out Lightstock.