Brittney Borowski

Finding the Creator in Photography

I joined Lightstock because they were exactly what I was about. Sharing the love of God through the talent He has given me. Everything I do, I do for the Lord and this beautiful community is a place where I can give my talents to further the Kingdom of Heaven down here on Earth! It is an amazing thing that there is a place where churches and people can find breath-taking quality work to bring the Good News!

Through the lens of the camera is how I see God’s beauty. When I capture that perfect moment, He is beautiful & I am still. I am in awe. And I am His. God has entrusted a portion of His creativity into me. Every time that I get excited about photography, it is the Holy Spirit flooding inside of me. I know it sounds cheesy and clichè, but it is true that there is beauty in everything. Not everyone finds joy in sunlight, dying plants, & burned buildings. But I do. It’s lovely.