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Have you been rummaging through the World Wide Web, searching for beautiful Bible stock photos? There are hundreds of stock photo websites out there for you to browse, but so many of them are filled to the brim with cheesy, stale, and unimpressive photos. Searching through them for the perfect stock photo can be tremendously tedious, so today we’ve decided to help you out! We’ve collected a dozen of our favorite Bible stock photos for you to peruse and choose from. Whether you need this photo for a blog post, a sermon, or your organization’s website, I think you’ll find at least one fitting image amongst this collection of Bible stock photos. Scroll down to check out your choices.

Beautiful Bible Stock Photos

Man walking on Bible

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Breathtaking and unique, this image combines a photo of a Bible with an image of a young man walking toward a brilliant sun and a cross. The clever combination translates well, intimating that the Bible is the foundation of the man’s journey.


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This image of a Bible study group focuses on the books but also gives a glimpse of the young people reading and discussing. Because the faces of the students aren’t shown, the viewers’ eyes go immediately to the Bibles.


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Perhaps you’re working on an editorial piece that will focus on one gospel. In that case, you might want to choose an image like this one, which highlights a Bible opened up to a specific gospel: Mark.


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Although this image is quite simple and contains a lot of empty space, it does what it sets out to do: focuses your attention on the Bible and directs your eyes upward, hinting at the uplifting material within the book.


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This photo of the Bible is quite versatile, since you can’t really tell that the volume is the Bible. You could use it to discuss Christianity and marriage or go off in a completely different direction, perhaps discussing your love of literature.


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Innovative and interesting, this photo shows a girl who has made a tent out of her (enormous) Bible and is reading it at the same time. The image can act as a metaphor, showing how the Bible provides a shelter for those who believe in its words. This is one of our most creative Bible stock photos.


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Relying on just three elements (the clasped hands, the open Bible, and the bright light) this photo shows that simplicity can still convey a strong message.


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Most people these days lead very busy lives, whether they’re occupied with school, work, family, friends, or hobbies. This image shows how within that circle of chaos, one can still find the time to sit down and read the Bible.



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What a perfect image for anyone writing about Christianity and marriage or relationships! The Bible is centered between the partners, who have crossed their hands to clasp it.


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 During graduation season, use this image to convey your thoughts regarding the Bible’s role in post-grad life.

Bible Stock Photos - Lightstock

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